Someone wrote on Facebook:

There are two new entries in the list of top 10 most admired men: Buffett and Monson. Both have been cited often in recent years, but had never been in the top 10, until now. And ‘common for the president of the church Mormon is mentioned, but Monson is the first to be in this list.

This is good news and it is significant that such a person as the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints , a religion that was persecuted at the beginning of its history, the United States, is today among the top 10 most admired men in the country.

Most admired men of 2011 (Percentage of mentions%)
Barack Obama – 17%
George W. Bush – 3%
Bill Clinton – 2% of
Rev. Billy Graham – 2%
Warren Buffet – 2%
Newt Gingrich – 1%
Donald Trump – 1%
Pope Benedict XVI – 1%
Bill Gates – 1%
Thomas S. Monson – 1%

(USA Today / market survey 15 to 18 December 2011 – Percentage based on total mentions)


That said, it is, however, in some way, disconcerting, that men and women most admired of all time, are mostly political and / or wives of politicians.

Women most often mentioned in the list of Most Admired: 1948 – 2011

Number of times
Hillary Clinton 16
Eleanor Roosevelt 13
Margaret Thatcher 6
Jacqueline Kennedy 5
Mother Teresa 4
Golda Meir 3
Rosalynn Carter 3
Nancy Reagan 3


Men most often mentioned in the list of most admired: 1946 – 2011

Number of times
Dwight Eisenhower 12
Ronald Reagan 8
Bill Clinton 8
George W. Bush 7
Lyndon Johnson 4
Richard Nixon 4
George Bush 4
Barack Obama 4


I said disconcerting, but it is not really so. It is probably obvious, because the politicians (or those who are close to them) are the kind of people who get the most attention from the media, and have a lot of opportunities to show what they do (good or bad).

Apparently, Americans, like people in many other countries, are very influenced by what they hear, day after day, on television, on the radio or on the Internet. I wonder, though, if you also think critically, to the relative value of these politicians, in comparison to other great personalities, who bring important contributions to our society. Or maybe people envy those politicians, because of all the attention and the power they have and admire them because they are able to get it (and the people, no).

Among the most admired men, each one has been a president of the United States, and among women, Mother Teresa was not only a politician or the wife of a president of the United States.

I wonder why people complain about politicians, if you admire them so much!

However, I feel grateful that at least some religious man has been mentioned, this year, including Billy Graham, the Pope and President Thomas Monson .

In conclusion, this survey confirms for the most part, at least to me, that the power of the media is acting really way too deep in the minds of the people!